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In preparation for our homeschool adventures next year, I have started to do some research and assemble some fun activities.  As I find some great ones, I’ll share with you all. Pinterest is a great site to look for fun, hands on ideas.  Another site I enjoy is the one The Intentional Momma mentioned, Disney’s Family Fun Magazine.

I have been holding on to these two ideas for awhile, just waiting for the perfect snowy day. It just so happened that we got that, plus Lil C was napping in his swing so I could actually use a glue gun! Awesome!  It’s amazing what you get excited for, isn’t it?

from, found on Pinterest.


In order to create something really cool and educational we put these two ideas together.

We used the direction from Disney’s Family Fun above for how to construct our parking garage.

Lessons Taught ~ Ruler Instruction

This included a discussion on how to use a ruler and that the ruler is divided up by inches, centimeters, and millimeters. We also discussed planning our garage and that we needed a car to determine how big each spot needed to be.

Next, he wrote in sight words.

Lesson Taught ~ Handwriting, Letter Spacing, and Sight Word Recognition.

For younger children, you could use easier sight words, letter, numbers, shapes or colors.

The constructions process was mostly mom intensive. The kids wrapped the poles in blue painters tape to make them stronger.  They also cut the ramps from the left over card board.

Lesson Taught ~ Hand Eye Coordination, Fine Motor Skills, Team Work

The kids had to focus in order to cut their ramps out in a straight line.  The wrapping the tape took a team effort as one person had to cut strips of tape and hand off to the other person without it sticking to itself.

How We Used These:

The kids played with them like regular parking garages.  Having the words printed on the garage, gave them exposure to seeing the written words.

We played games like, “Can you park a purple car in the space, ‘play?’” For our younger child we played using sentences like, “The Green truck wants to go visit the letter ‘G’”  Each garage had extra help parking spots for when they needed to ask a question or didn’t know the answer.

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